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Ronald de Rooy

Real Estate Agent - Italy


ItaliaCasa is a unique International real estate agency with only 1 specialization: Italian real estate! We combine the best of two worlds. Despite our love for Italy, we do not forget our northern European roots. Our multilingual representatives have a perfect understanding of the local market conditions and we understand our international clients as we do understand the Italian way of doing business. Our agency is an official Italian qualified Real Estate agent and a member of the Italian Real Estate Agent’s Association (FIAIP). With offices in the Netherlands, an Italian office and 10 representatives  in in Italy's most valuable Regions we have an extensive network and we assist our clients from A to Z. From the first visit to the country to the actual transfer of legal ownership at the notary. And afterwards with our property management and building assistance services.

About Ronald
Ronald is one of the founders of ItaliaCasa and managing director of the company since 2004. After having completed a law degree at Leiden University, Holland, and a career in legal services, he has worked for more than 12 years in various commercial and management positions in international business. His legal background and extensive commercial and management experience in international business has helped to make the company to one of the leading agencies specialized in Italian real estate in Northern Europe. As a lawyer, he has specialized in Italian real estate law which gives ItaliaCasa its unique value. He divides his time between the Dutch and the Italian headquarters of the company and lives near Varese in northern Italy. Besides his passion for everything Italian, he has a specific knowledge of local market conditions in the Italian property industry making him a high level consultant to investors and developers. Ronald writes articles and reports about the Italian property market for several magazines and websites. He speaks Dutch, Italian, English, German and French.