Peter Beerents
Buying Advisor
Peter Beerents has lived in the Netherlands and Spain, with 3 decades of working experience in real estate in both countries. He is a fiercely committed professional exceeding his clients' expectations. As the founder of Baerz & Co and Baerz Property Peter connects to an extensive network of brokers, sellers, landlords and developers. His reputation…
Bert Kock
Real Estate Agent
Bert Kock took his first steps in the real estate business about 25 years ago. He likes to give his clients the benefit of this extensive experience. In 1998 he was sworn in as a real estate agent. At Euverman Temmink & Partners he was one of the partners for several years. In addition to…
Han van Benthem
Real Estate Agent
Han van Benthem started in 1996, after his training, as a real estate agent. Since then he has followed the entire path of brokerage. From employee in 1996, broker in 1999, co-owner in the real estate agency Euverman Temmink & Partners in 2000. He uses this relatively short, but thorough experience over a number of years…
Thomas Paardekooper
Insurance Advisor
Bjorn Soeteman
Property Manager & Personal Concierge
Kenneth Leenders
Erik Heslenfeld
Hans Kodde
Bob Manders
Friso Woudstra
Studio Marco van Veldhuizen
Mijntje van den Berk en Marjolein Kap
Thomas Kraal
Julius Taminiau
René Verlaan
Construction Supervisor and Technical surveyor
Michael Bronkhorst
Luxury Home Constructor
Paul Bruinsma
Renovation Constructor
Hans en Bertus van Ginkel
Luxury Home Constructors
Herman Peters
Interior Design & Architecture
Herman Peters creates exciting interior design journeys that lead to unforgettable outcomes. Herman's design process takes you on an exploration that reaches a far deeper level than outward appearances. Your home should reflect your values, wants, needs and most! To create an environment like that requires an interior design partner that knows how to interpret…
Marcel Wolterinck
Interior Design & Decoration
Remy Meijers
Interior Design & Architecture
Anja Kroon
Interior Design & Decoration
Piet Boon
Interior Design & Architecture