Peter Beerents
Managing Buying Advisor - Spain
Peter Beerents has lived in the Netherlands and Spain, with 3 decades of working experience in real estate in both countries. He is a fiercely committed professional exceeding his clients' expectations. As the founder of Baerz & Co and Baerz Property Peter connects to an extensive network of brokers, sellers, landlords and developers. His reputation…
Isabel Vert
General Manager
Isabel Vert is a buying advisor in Barcelona. Her training has nothing to do with the real estate world but her passion for listening and understanding people made her get involved with this business at the first minute. If you are looking for a buying advisor to help you acquire a country house in the greater Barcelona area,…
Maria Martinez
Real estate agent
If you are looking for a buying advisor to help you acquire a country house in the greater Barcelona area, there is no better place to start than having a chat with Maria Martinez. Maria has forged a reputation as one of the Barcelona’s pre-eminent buying advisors with a formidable book of contacts and a record…
Elles Hooft van Huysduynen
Real Estate Agent - Spain
Lisa Lasose Soto
Real Estate Agent - Spain
Patrick Kruger
Spanish Mortgage is an independent Dutch-speaking mortgage broker based in Valencia, Spain. They offer tailor-made mortgages for Dutch and Belgians who want to buy a (second) home in Spain. Their working method is simple and transparent. Because they find it important that you are well oriented in the process, they always calculate your options free…
Katherine Walkerdine
Real Estate Loan Assessor
PROFESSIONAL ADVICE ROOTED IN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE In 2006 we, Katherine Walkerdine and Kevin Monger, founded Mortgage Direct after having experienced the complexity of the Spanish and Portuguese mortgage and real estate market. With a combined 50 years of experience in the financial industry, we identified the need to provide international property buyers with transparent and…